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Classes for students who already know Scratch well or have completed the first semester of Computer Programs and Games.

Designing mobile applications in the App Inventor environment. In addition, advanced 3D game creation in Game Lab Kodu environment is introduced.

  • 14 meetings (once a week)

  • 2 x 45 min (every meeting)

  • Maximum number of students (10)

monthly payment S$192.00


one time payment (discount 20S$) S$750.00

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The programming basics are implemented in the Scratch language. It is an educational language, created as a tool to teach children the basics of coding. It enables easy creation of interactive stories, animations or games. Coding is done in a visual way - elements of the language are in the shape of puzzles, which arranged in a proper way create a working program or game. Part of the classes is designed to program applications for the Android platform in App Inventor language. Since the second semester other languages and platforms are introduced, such as KODU (creating 3D games) and Python with Minecraft. Our online class is NOT a webinar or a Youtube course! During our online classes each student will see the teacher's screen, hear what he or she is saying, and the teacher will have an insight into what the student is doing and speaking (he or she will see each student's screen). Each student will be able to ask a question by voice, the teacher will be able to answer every question and indicate exactly where the error is and how to fix it.

Plan of the course

During the classes a mobile application will be created to measure the number of steps, distance travelled and speed.
The aim of the lesson is to create a mobile game Push the button. You will learn the mechanisms of the stopwatch, programming randomness, the use of animation and sound components and initialization of variables.
During the classes the main goal is to create a mobile Dictaphone application, as well as to learn about the Recorder mechanism, sound components and notifications.
The aim of the lesson is to create a mobile flashcards application and to learn how sensors work.
This lesson is a continuation of the previous one.
During the classes we will create a game that will allow you to learn the mechanics of jumping in various types of applications.
This lesson is a continuation of the previous one.
During the lesson a well known game "Tic-Tac-toe" will be created. The topics of implementation of application logic will be discussed. During the lesson there will also be a presentation of independent student's work.
The lesson is a continuation of the previous lesson and a summary of knowledge and presentation of own projects.
The aim of the lesson is to create the first game in the KODU - "Races" and to learn the environment of the Kodu and the specifics of 3D games.
During the lesson there will be created a "Crowded Road" game, in which the cloning and destruction of enemies and a reminder of the stopwatch mechanism will be presented.
The aim of the lesson is to create a game "Star Wars" and to learn how to move between the boards and control several characters at once.
The task that the participants will be faced with is to prepare a two-level world together with the development of teleportation and building bridges.
The aim of the lesson is to introduce the student to the Python language through the game Minecraft - an introduction to the next course "Python in Minecraft and websites". The course completion certificates will be handed out during the lesson.