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At first, we got bound with friendship. Then came the passion for programming. We created Coding Giants school to share our knowledge and experience. We want to show to our students how big the potential is that lies in learning programming and how huge its benefits are.

Programming is great money in the future. It is also a great way to develop logical thinking, creativity, patience and problem-solving skills - right here, right now.

In our activities, we are supported by a group of educators with extensive competences and experience in working with children.

Coding Giants is an innovative educational institution where we teach young people that are interested in new technologies and computer programming. We established the school in 2015 after we, as four friends, graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology.

The Coding Giant's Courses are aimed at children and young people aged 7-19 years with a division into appropriately selected age groups. The curriculum of the courses is prepared by specialized programmers who skillfully select the material according to the abilities of students in a given age group.

Coding Giants are primarily:

  • over 5 years of experience in conducting programming courses
  • almost 300 lesson scenarios
  • 33 courses for age groups from 7 to 19
  • over 20 000 satisfied customers
  • over 110 facilities - both own and franchised

My name is Seema Singh and I am the CEO of Coding Giants Singapore.

As a mother of two daughters with legal background, I have always been passionate about contributing to society, particularly in the advancement of children and their future. I recognize the significance and challenges of the upcoming artificial intelligence era. However, we are so accustomed to the traditional method of education that we are ignoring this critical aspect of our children's future development for them to gain practical knowledge.

Coding Giants Singapore is about more than just teaching coding. We prepare our students for the future job without compromising on the quality.